Our newest entries are, for a change, no antiques, but very French and overwhelmingly charming:

we are happy to present to you the collection of the French manufacturer VOXPOPULI, comprising wonderful interior decoration pieces: made of wire, vintage fabric and other unusual materials, the lighting creations of VOXPOPULI are absolutely unique and really a sight to see.

The manufacturer’s founder, Pascale Palun, initially made pretty decorations for her own home out of sheer pastime, after having retired from the world of fashion in which she had worked for 10 years to raise her son. The small, unusual objects were very well received by her friends and family, so she decided to sell them through local boutiques – an undertaking that eventually led to the founding of VOXPOPULI.

We definitely could not resist the charm of her creations as they beautifully combine the past and the present and add an eye-twinkleling “je-ne-sais-quoi” to sophisticated classical ambiances with fine French antiques.

Curious to learn more about VOXPOUPLI? We would love to welcome you in our gallery.