RETOUR DE FRANCE: Excellent Pair of French Empire Decorative Amphora Vases

OUR NEWEST ENTRY is the perfect decoration for the beginning of spring:

the decoration of the excellently crafted pair of early 19th century French Empire period amphorae vases made of gilded and patinated bronze symbolically refers to the power of spring. The front and back of the vases show the face of Zephyr, characterized by butterfly wings and decorated with lush flower hangings, personification of the mild west wind, which breathes new life into the earth after a long winter and leads it to new bloom.
Zephyr, son of the Titan Astraios and Eos, the goddess of the dawn, pursued the nymph Chloris in the springtime and married her, making her the goddess Flora. Flora also finds a symbolic entry into the decoration of the two vases in the form of flower festoons and wreaths. A rare and charming addition to this symbolic representation are the faced suns on the handles, which indicate the sun as a decisive element for the growth of nature and floral lushness.
In the time of the French Empire, Zephyr not only symbolized spring, but also saw himself as a symbol of Napoleon I, who brought “a breath of fresh air” into the world political structure through his politics and saw himself as an innovator and reformer.

H. 14.96 in. x. W. 5.90 in. x D. 4.33 in.

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