Louis XVI Poudreuse with a Modern Appeal

Excellent French Louis XVI-Poudreuse or Perruquière, ca. 1780

For those of you who could not have been convinced yet that antique furniture integrates beautifully into a modern environment, we hope we can change your mind with our newest entry:

an excellently crafted poudreuse of simple elegant construction and a marquetry of almost a modern concept showing various geometrical patterns. In addition to cubes and lozenges on the top there is a triangle pattern on the front and the sides as well as a wonderfully crafted circle design on the back.
The rectangular top is divided into three framed parquetry panels, the outer two hingeing outwards to reveal box sections, while the central section reveals an adjustable mirror. At the front three smaller drawers offer further storage space.

Maybe this beautiful poudreuse – or also called „perruquière“ – was made by a French ébéniste in he last quarter of the 18th century as a masterpiece to qualify as a maître ébéniste or simply to showcase his craft to convince possible customers.

Louis XVI Marquetry Dressing Table or ‘Perruquière’